Hoist Service Areas

Welcome, Buck-Hoist.com and Northwest Florida Leasing (NWF Leasing)

where our team of experienced professionals has provided construction projects with buck hoists, construction elevators, and personnel hoist for over 34 years.

Who we are

At NWF Leasing, we offer our top-trained technicians and a comprehensive fleet of personnel/material hoists, buck hoists, construction elevators. We have the right hoist and configurations for your project. NWF Leasing prides itself on being able to provide the creativity to construct your buck hoist wherever you need it; no configurations are too complicated for our team. Whether it’s an unusual installation such as setbacks, or extreme environments we have the expertise to find a solution the others cannot handle.

How we work

Our process starts with our team meeting with you on-site to discuss your project and work on getting the best solution for your needs. We like to work within your time-frame and schedule on dates needed, assembly(erection), and dismantling saving you time and money. Upon scheduled delivery of your buck hoist and assembly, you will encounter our trained and certified technicians As your hoist is delivered and erected.

NWF leasing our trained technicians are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week and will arrive on-site with the tools, knowledge, and parts to you get your buck hoist back in service as quickly as possible so you can focus on your job site. Give us a call today at 321-636-7331 or an email, to discuss your next project. Let us show you how we can help you with buck hoist leasing, to meet your next construction project’s needs.

Our Credentials

Our field technicians, who are the only hoist supplier in Florida that carries a state-issued certificate of competency for elevator inspection, repair, and installation. We also hold licenses in Mississippi and Louisiana and mechanic licenses in Georgia and Alabama. NWF Leasing is the only rack and pinion Construction Hoist company to have a Certificate of Confidence in Florida.

Hoist Service Areas

We are honored to offer Buck Hoist Rental Service Areas from Coast to Coast in Florida and all around the South East in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee South Carolina, and North Carolina!

Here are some of the top areas we serve.


Central Florida
Space Coast of Florida
West Palm
Ft. Lauderdale
St. Petersburg

Outside of Florida

Mobile, Alabama
Atlanta Georgia
New Orleans, Louisiana

Contact us for other areas of service.


Why we use Alimax

When riding in our Alimak Buick Hoist, you will experience a smooth ride. All of our hoists are equipped with the latest technology in variable frequency drives (FC). Variable Frequency Drive provides a smooth starting and stopping with the low starting current when causes less wear and tear on the equipment and fewer breakdowns. The FC also improved landing accuracy, ensuring an easy landing on the appropriate floor without any floor adjustments needed.