Construction Hoist Rental

Construction Hoist Rental

NWF Leasing offers the Alimak Scando of construction hoists for rent. We offer various sizes that hold capacities of 400 to 6,200 pounds. We offer many services, including installation, maintenance programs, disassembling, training, and onsite technician service.  Our trained staff will come out to you to discuss what you need and configuration.

Trust in our rack and pinon buck hoists.  These hoists are designed as a safer alternative to climbing stairs or ladders with heavy equipment. Each one of our hoists is compliant with ASME A10.4, ASME A92.10, and OSHA regulations.

Below is a list of our construction hoist features:

Robust passenger construction hoists from Alimak Scando range:

  • Max capacity:  6,200 lbs
  • Two and three motor drive options
  • Speeds – 40m/m & 28m/m
  • Base entry ground enclosure with full rise gate
  • Vertical pipe system available
  • Cable basket or trolley options

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Construction Hoist